The invisible church would be a sight to behold but at last, it is invisible. Satan is not in the habit of urging us to look at the invisible; he had far rather we focus on a building with a steeple. Once we step inside the building in a service of worship, he amps it up a notch. He is not only the prime minister of propaganda and the master of illusion–he is also a master of distraction. Once inside the worship center, his primary objective is to keep the focus off of Christ whom he abhors. He does this by tempting us to look around and focus on the congregants. It doesn’t take that much, a crying baby, a sleeping deacon, a person singing off-key or someone wearing a silly tie or perhaps just a weird outfit like a man wearing a black suit and combat boots. Satan is very happy with distractions, anything to keep our focus horizontal. He doesn’t want us looking up [to Jesus] or in [to our sin and depravity] but always at others. He knows that eventually, we are going to come to that person who doesn’t pay their debts, or someone who uses profanity, just someone we can label as a hypocrite. Once we spot the hypocrite, our sense of pride begins to swell until it becomes a form of contemptible smugness. In this state of contempt and arrogance, we are not apt to repent and Satan can breathe a sigh of relief. As long as we are distracted by that which we can see, we are not likely to dwell upon the greater reality which of course we cannot see, not without faith.