Jesus gives us the devil’s purpose statement in John 10:10, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” The devil is purpose driven. He has no concern for ethics. Whatever accomplishes his purpose, he considered good. The devil’s wine is the anguish, misery and unhappiness of the human race. His ultimate goal is our destruction but he begins that process by urging us toward unholiness. He knows full well, that unholiness leads to unhappiness and if all humans were truly happy, he would have nothing to celebrate. To put it in a nutshell, the devil is pleased with our misery, sleepless nights, self-pity, selfishness, distrust, envy, malice and the list of things that please him is almost endless. The devil is aware of the fact that God can and does use suffering to accomplish His purpose which is to make us holy and the formation of Christ-like character within us. The devil has a horrid fear of the formation of character because he has no weapon or tactic that will work against true virtue. The devil is unclear on the position of “war”. Whereas he whole heartedly supports violence, cruelty, injustice and oppression which war inevitably bring; he fears the human tendency to turn to God during such times. The adage “no atheist in fox holes” has validity as far as the devil is concerned. Wars also produce valour and heroism which of course are not his pleasure. Thus when it comes to war, the devil has operatives in both camps–pacifist and patriot. I tend to think he has greater representation among the pacifist.