The first issue is letter seven concerned the question of Satan’s existence. Satan is quite pleased with our denial of his existence. Where as this unbelief would make it more difficult for him to demonize and terrorize, it would make other parts of his job easier. Who can be prepared for an enemy that they do not believe exist? In reality, the devil is a covert pragmatist. He works by stealth [most of the time] and in what ever area he sees an opportunity. For example: he does not care if we are pacifist or patriot, liberal or conservative, Baptist or Catholic, inflamed or indifferent. Whatever extreme he finds us headed in, he gives a nudge. If you are lukewarm, he will soothe and if you are fired up, he will try to misdirect your passion. He will do everything possible to make your “cause” greater than Christ.

Satan operates on the basis of where you are at the time. He is not in the business of converting patriots to pacifist; his goal is to take the patriot and make him an extremist, a hater. Truth be known, he probably has more pacifist in his camp than patriots but that is not the issue. He will reinforce the fear of the pacifist forcing them into a greater denial of reality. Every community must have law enforcement and unfortunately, they must bear arms. Without these brave souls, we would not be able to rest at night. We live in a violent sin cursed world. Most pacifist are very selfish in that they enjoy the civil liberties that other fought for and fight to protect. The devil always promotes selfishness: it is fitting to his cause.