Satan does not want us to grow spiritually in Christ. He will use whatever means possible to keep discipleship from happening. Life is made up of “Phases”. Infancy is a phase and so is childhood. Probably the most talked about is adolescence. In reference to teenagers, we often remark, “It’s a phase”. Likewise there are phases in the Christian life. We are born again and thus become “Babes in Christ”. The initial phase of being a Christian is exciting. Our sins have been forgiven and we are flooded with emotions. We are as excited as a young person in love. The problem that arises is that after a period of time, the emotions change. We keep trying to recover the same feeling we had when we were baptized into Christ and we cannot bring it about. Then we get discouraged and that makes us vulnerable.

The devil moves in during this phase. We are somewhat despondent and he wants to keep us that way or if possible make it even worse. During this low period he is apt to attack with temptations of the flesh. Sensual temptations are a favorite but he has been known to use drugs and alcohol. In all cases, his method of operation is to pervert one of God’s many pleasures. Pleasure is God’s creation, not the devil’s. Satan will however pervert the pleasure, twist it in some way so that the pursuit of the pleasure becomes in itself displeasing to God. Take sex for example: first the devil would have us operate on the plain of lust, pure animal lust. If that does not work, he will use eros or erotic love but he will always guide us away from God’s way of fulfilling that pleasure through marriage. He does not want us to love the person more than the pleasure. He wants to hook us on the pleasure itself, thus creating a craving which grows stronger as the pleasure diminishes.

The one thing we know is that the devil will try his best to keep us away from TRUTH if at all possible. It does not want us thinking about the truth in relationship to the false. Actually, he doesn’t want us to think at all: he prefers dupes and minions.  He is particularly delighted when we lapse into a state of indifference. He wants you to think of your earlier days with Christ as a phase. He does what he can do get you to moderate, to settle, to be content with your spiritual growth. He is very happy when we lose our spiritual appetite and have no hunger and thirst for righteousness. A moderate religion is as good as no religion at all to Satan. The bottom line is that he wants you to accept where you are spiritually as your final state. He does not want you to make progress. He is well content for you to remain as you are. You must remember: He hates Truth and he will do his best to keep you out of the word of God and away from any committed believer who is growing daily and willing to help a fellow believer do the same.