Vance Havner once said that the worse thing that can happen to a new believer is to bump into a bible scholar but there is something worse. Screwtape encourages Wormwood to make sure that an unbelieving social influence is unleashed on the new convert immediately. Satan will work in two directions concerning the demoralization of the new believer.

First, Satan will discourage the new believer from making his decision public. He will encourage the convert to keep his faith to himself; after all, folks might think that you are weird or something if you start talking about Jesus. The longer a new convert puts off this public confession of faith the better as far as the devil is concerned.

Secondly, the devil will use the immoral influence of the unbeliever to put incredible pressure on the convert to conform. We all want to be loved and accepted; the devil will exploit this vanity. The unbelievers have no real concern for our convictions and that will put us to the test as soon as possible. If we do not identify ourselves as believers in Christ, they will begin the process of bringing us down to their level. We will be going to their parties, drinking their booze and laughing at their filthy jokes. This is typical of the world, they want to pull us down.

Two things to remember: [1] Be open about your faith. Let everyone know where you stand on the subject of JESUS. Do not try to keep your love for Him a secret. Your strength is in your open confession of faith. [2] The world is like a big hoover vac–it will try to suck you into its clutches. It wants to conform us to its image. Watch out for the subtle and powerful influence of the world.