I would assume that the devil’s initial desire would be that we attend no Christian Church at all. I think he is quite pleased with the millions that stay at home, go to the lake, golf course, shopping or what have you. But, if we are resolved to attend church, he would not have us become committed to any one particular church. The devil must understand the principle of spiritual growth and that is the “member” grows and develops within the “body”…never outside or a part from. The devil’s logic is actually simple: if he can keep a family moving from church to church, there is far less chance that they will become involved in the ministry of the church and thus remain immature and selfish. Satan can accomplish so many things once he turns us to the selfish side.

Let’s assume that a family decides to settle in one church and make it their home as we Baptist often put it. The devil next option is to play the flesh card and again try to turn us to the self-centered tendency of thinking and believing that worship is about our needs being met. Once he gets us self aborbed, he has destroyed all possibility of true worship. Instead of our focus being on our magnificent and majestic Christ, our focus is on our personal desires and taste. We prefer hymns to the chorus, this version of the bible with that version, the choir rather than the band, etc. The devil knows that as long as we are focused on ourself, we are not focused on Christ. We must remember that he loathes the worship of Christ and he will do anything to keep us from showing true adoration for Jesus.

The devil is relentless and if he can’t keep us at home and he can’t turn us totally toward self, he will then try to divide us on issues that seem important but are not. The devil is the author of division and schism. He loves a good fight regardless to what initiated the conflict. He knows that inflighting will destroy our testimony and practically make us impotent when it comes to communicating the gospel.

So the devil has a vast array of schemes to keep us from spiritual growth and true worship. He will urge us to forsake the assembly. He will get us to focus on distractions rather than Christ. He will get us to find some fault with the minister or one of the church leaders. In the case of the more advanced he will get them in a theological conflict. Of course very few congregations are capable of fighting over theology; most prefer fighting over the color of the carpet. One thing is sure: He wants no attention paid to the WORD OF GOD or the SON OF GOD.

EXTRA: Genuflecting is bowing on one knee just like Tim Tebow. It is a ancient practice of subjects before kings. Jacques Maritain was a French Philosopher. Richard Hooker [1554-1600] was an Anglican Priest. Thomas Aquinas’ was a Italian Dominican Priest and Philospher and disciple of Aristotle. He was a preponent of Natural Theology which is based on reason and experience rather than revelation [word of God]. Aquinas’ believed that truth is truth no matter where you find it. [I agree but the greatest revelation of truth is in the word of God, not our experience or reason]