Understand first that Satan abhors love [agape], marriage, family and fidelity. This should be more than obvious if we are even slightly aware of what is going on in our world. Satan is doing everything within his power to confuse and befuddle people in regards to love. Unfortunately, most people cannot tell you the difference between love and lust, between agape and eros. God’s goal in marriage and family is always agape. This agape [unconditional love] is shared within the Godhead–the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share a mutual affection. Technically speaking or theologically speaking, sex is marriage. Any time any man has sex with any woman, a bond is established that will be either enjoyed or endured for life. There is no such thing as casual sex. Sex for sex sake is a form of bestial behavior. The beast devour each other. They consume each other until one is totally absorbed by the other. The stronger devours the weaker. A sexual predator is exactly that, a predator. He/she preys upon the weaker and I would think that in most cases the male is going to be the predator. uncontrolled lust turns humans into animals or predators. Think about folks, should we be using the word “Predator” to describe a fellow human being? It is an absolute proof of our depravity that we do so.

Not only does Satan distort the true meaning of love and confuse it with lust; he is very handy at convincing people that marriage is based on eros [romantic love]. Knowing that eros is highly conditional, depending on how one mate relates to the other: he suggest that when there is no eros, the marriage is over. Eros was never God’s goal in your marriage: it is the spark the lit the fire but it will never keep the fire going. God would have us move toward a higher, more noble love which is divine in character and unconditional. This is illustrated in scripture by Hosea who loved and unlovely wife. The woman was a whore. She abandoned the poor fellow and left him to raise three children. She did not deserve a second chance but Hosea loved her he way God loves us, unconditionally. Christian marriage is based on a commitment, a vow, which is an agreement with God that we will be faithful until death. It is not based on erotic love. You can bet your last dollar that Satan is going to work over time to destroy any Christian marriage.

A Christian marriage can evolve into a Christian family and if there is any thing Satan hates worse than marriage, it is family. He has a horror of a faithful man loving his wife and children and with them sharing that same affection. A loving family is a target for Satan. A family where there is love and forgiveness is a threat to his kingdom. So [1] Satan distorts love by confusing it with lust [2] He hates marriage and fidelity [3] He abhors family.

Satan did not create sex. To be honest, he is probably jealous since angels do not have the gift of sexuality. God created sex and for good reason. Pleasure is on the list I believe, God has nothing against pleasure which by the way He created, not Satan,  but I think the higher purposes are the exchange of affection and the creation of the family. We should never exalt the pleasure of sex above true affection [agape] or family. The hard thing to convey to people, especially young people is that for sex to be fulfilling, it must be performed in the context of marriage with the intention or at least commitment to the creation of a family. Sex is not for kids. Children are still in the sponge stage, they absorb but they lack the character to procreate, provide and protect. My grand kids hate the analogy but sex is like fire: it is good in the right setting but very harmful when it gets out of control. The sad thing is that Satan is scarring million of kids with the misuse and perversion of sex.