Satan is mystified by God’s love. He has no understanding of love or what it entails. The fact that someone would love unconditionally will not calculate in his diabolical mind. Cognitively, he has no way to access love; it is and remains and unsolvable mystery to him. His perplexity begins with the question: Why would God love man? What does man have to offer God? If one were to love, surely he should expect to gain something for his effort: to love unconditionally is insanity. Satan is not satisfied with a mere word or promise; he wants a definitive answer, he has to have full knowledge. To say that I love because I love is not acceptable to him. For God to declare his love for man is unbelievable to the devil. From Satan’s stand point, he thinks…He can’t be serious. The creature is wholly unlovable. He is despicably weak and easily seduced. I have proven that time and time again. It makes no sense that God would love the humans scum bags. So in the first place: Satan is an unbeliever. He refuses to accept God’s word with out understanding all the implications. Satan exalts knowledge over faith. He has had a great influence on the mindset of our world.

But not only is Satan unbelieving in the matter of the purity of God’s unconditional love; he is also distrustful of God’s motive. Satan projects on God the qualities of his own devious behavior. In his view, “God is up to something…He cannot be trusted.” Wow, what a sick perverted mind!

Furthermore, since Satan can do nothing to obliterate  love, which he would perfer to do, being that he abhors love of any sort; he works night and day to pervert love. He doesn’t really understand the true nature of love but he is an artist at perversion. Misunderstood love is better than pure love. His purpose is to befuddle the thinking of this world and I think that you would agree that the majority of the population does not understand love. Our world is badly confused: it constantly promotes ‘lust’ as love and obviously, they are worlds apart. Satan had nothing to do with the creation of man, love, marriage or family and he has no power to take any created thing out of reality so he concentrates on perverting what God created as good. Satan has declared open war on love, marriage and family.

Since Satan has no control over creation, what exist and what does not, he spends his energy perverting what God created. He, that is Satan, is going to get into the picture by hook or crook. All marriages are not made in heaven. Satan is the author of the mis-marriage. He loves a marriage made in hell because it results in pure hell. He loves a romantic that becomes so obsessed with eros that he or she commits suicide or kills some one else all in the name of love. He is truely happy with folks who spend their time reading romace novels.  He has been successful in getting them to focus on the least threatening of all the loves. If he can get us to love the world and the things in the world, he feels some sense of accomplishment. Satan has no control over love or falling in love but he can get involved in the match making.

Really, Satan does not give a flip about love, marriage, family, health, youth, or peace. He has no affinity for anything that God created but he will pervert them and he will try to use them to accomplish his purposes. Yes, he prefers hate, sickness, crime and war but he will use whatever is available and most accommodating at the time. That is what makes him a devil.