The devil is ruthless. He shows no mercy, not even to incompetent tempters [demons in lowerarchy]. There is no trust, no honor, no integrity or nobility in the demonic world.  Satan is pleased with our failure and terrified of our faith. He is a hater and the father of all who hate with the exception of those who hate evil. Here are some of the things that Screwtape confesses about his father the devil.

  1. Obviously he hates Jesus but he also hates pleasure. Heaven will be a place of infinite pleasure. Hell is will be a place of unimaginable pain and horror, the very opposite of heaven. Satan’s goal is to make us miserable not happy. He does have a very seductive way of making sin appear to be the way to happiness but it is a lie and he knows it. Sin leads to misery.
  2. Since Satan has no power to uncreate Pleasure, he seeks to pervert it and that he does. Music, art, sex, food, you name it: if God created it for our pleasure, Satan has put his ugly twist upon it.
  3. Satan hates virgins. He despises a good Christian girl and the last thing is wants is for a Christian boy to marry a Christian girl. Someone who will encourage him to love Jesus more. That is horrifying to Satan. A union like this could produce a Christian family and out of that family could come an evangelist or missionary. Satan forbid that such a thing happen.
  4. Satan hates truth and light. He refuses to accept God’s word as fact, especially in connection with his own eternal destiny. He pretends that his rebellion will succeed.
  5. Satan hates the mystery that enshrouded God. He longed to know all that God knows but has no desire to submit to God’s will. Satan exalts knowledge above faith and obedience. Of course, he has no concept of love and no idea why anyone would love unconditionally. If it is not twisted and perverted, then Satan is mystified. Why would anyone do anything without a selfish motive? It is the way he thinks.
  6. Satan hates peace and quiet. Noise is a great distraction and it hinders man from thinking. The greater the noise, the better, as far as Satan is concerned. It’s no mystery that rock music and occult have been known associates.