Needless to say, the devil does not quit with one failure or even one thousand. He has many plans and all are designed to steal, kill and destroy. He works with what he has and at whatever stage or level we are presently occupying. If a Christian is on fire, he tries to put out the fire– to transform the burning ember into a lukewarm moderateĀ mode. No matter what the temperature of your zeal or passion for Jesus, he will try to bring it to a lower level. If you are real hot, he will try to get you to hot; if you are hot, he will try to move you to warm–from there to lukewarm and from lukewarm to cold. Satan works patiently and incrementally. To do this he has to get your attention and affection off of Jesus. Jesus constitutes a major problem for Satan.

First, he will try to get you hooked on a false Christ. A Jesus, possibly the historical Jesus but not the true Jesus who is the Son of God. Secondly, he is going to pervert the historical Jesus into nothing more than history, a man who lived rather than the giver of life. He will promote Jesus as a great humanitarian, a revolutionary teacher, a martyr of morality but again, not the Son of God nor the Savior of the world. When I was in South America, they had replica’s of Jesus everywhere. They were images of Jesus carved out of wood. They had a wooden Jesus. I left convinced that they had no clue concerning the real Jesus. But lets suppose that Satan fails to get you at either point one or two. Let’s say you read the bible and you know the real Jesus of scripture. Satan does not quit, he just alters his approach. The third thing Satan will do is to destroy any passion or devotion that you have for the real Jesus. Satan does not want believer’s having a quiet time. He opposes daily bible reading. He opposes anything that makes the truth and the true Jesus obvious. Fourth, he will pervert our intentions, our motives for serving Christ or for being a member of His body. I did not join the church to fight social injustice. I joined the church because of Jesus. Jesus is never the means to the end unless that end is heaven.

I don’t want to be redondant but Satan is the author of the distraction. He does not have to use evil to distract well meaning people; he knows that they will not bit on evil so he tempts with good things, social causes, community activities, etc. Here is the rule of thumb: when ever any cause becomes more important than Christ, you are becoming a fanatic. Satan would love to make you a fanatic. He doesn’t really care what you become as long as it is not a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.