The question is, what does Satan not use? I think the answer is “Not much”…There is not much that he does not pervert or use in some way. He did try to use Jesus but it didn’t work, praise God. Of all things, Mr. Lewis was convinced that Satan uses change and our desire to change to his advantage. The question then is “How?”

We all have a horror of old things or things becoming old. You see this in 40-year-old men. One day they look in the mirror and they see less hair, more fat and  so they go on a diet, start jogging and using Grecian Formula. Some get a motor cycle or a sports car. They make all these radical changes because they do not like the inevitable change that is taking place.

The same is true of a church. Sure, we want to be relevant and we want to be on the cutting edge but we are not to give ourselves over to every novelty that comes along. If we do, too much change will be worse than no change at all. We do live in time and time itself forces us to change but change itself is not a cure all. I use to jog and now I ride a bike. Time dictated that change.  We are all forced to make some changes whether we like them or not.

First of all, change may bring some temporary satisfaction but what do we do when the new wears off? This is the problem with novelty, changing from one thing to another, always looking for that new high. Unless the Holy Spirit inspires the change, there will be no lasting satisfaction.

Secondly; change usually cost money. If you change cars, carpet, locations, or cell phones, the upgrade is going to be costly. Does the change justify the cost? We all know people who have to have the latest version of their electronic toys, whether it be a smart phone or a video game. This is a good example of change that is unnecessary and expensive.

Finally we have to admit that “Change” in and of itself is not the answer. Let me give you an example. Worship has a way of becoming self-serving and thus displeasing to the LORD and really unedifying to us. A lot people think that the solution is change. We change worship times, we change worship styles but has there been any real change? If change in and of itself is the answer then any change should be effective but this is not the case. Changing styles and times my help to a degree but it will not solve the problem. Actually, it does not address the problem. The real problem, and herein lies the truth that the devil uses, is our focus. What needs to change is our hearts but we prefer to change things that are really of no consequence. We have churches all over America torn to pieces over worship style. Some people have labeled this “Worship Wars”. Satan has successfully distracted us from the real issue: we are treating change as if it is the Messiah and it is not.

In truth, what needs to change? Don’t you think that the answer is our hearts. We need repentance. We need change but we need a change of heart. Would that lead to other changes? Sure, you know that it would but the change of heart is the initial change. The devil has distracted us from the truth by getting us to focus on novelty. What are other churches doing, etc? We don’t need to mimic other churches for sure. I am convinced that we need to change but first we need a CHANGE OF HEART, one that will lead us to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Folks, if we had the courage and the faith to follow the Holy Spirit we would get all the change we could handle.

Satan would take you to any extreme other than loving Jesus with all your heart. He would have you be either tyrant or slave, to be in control or to be under control–it really makes him no difference as long as your are not totally committed to Jesus. He will do anything in his power to keep your focus and affection from being directed toward Jesus. For me, the constant temptation is social issues, liberal politics and theology. I have to constantly remind myself that no cause is greater than Christ.